Why Green Rinjani

Why Green Rinjani Trekking Tours?

  1. We are a local company and all our experienced staff are from Lombok.
  2. You can trust that all our staff is here to serve you to the best of their abilities.
  3. Our aim is to give you the safest and most comfortable tourist experience available in Lombok.
  4. We will provide detailed information about all our tours from every aspect to make sure that you are
    always satisfied with our service.
  5. We offer Minimum two bottles of mineral water per person per day(3 liter ) and we provide delicious Indonesin food three time each days with different menus every meal( Breakfast lunch and diner )
  6. We arrange air-conditioned vehicles in excellent conditions, clean and commodious. Please compare the car or the van the other travelers use. It’s different!
  7. We provide Good and clean accommodations for your stay the night before your trek begins.
  8. Green Rinjani provide guided treks to people all over the world and encourage trekkers to get connected with nature during the trek by planting a tree for the future. Green Rinjani Trekking offers an eco friendly solution for saving our environment. Our mission for Green Rinjani Trekking is that every individual who joins us on one of our treks will plant a tree to help maintain the beauty of the Mount Rinjani, We know that’s a big goal, but we also know that our environment has a huge need. So, how better to meet that need than to make big goals, and then do everything we can to make it happen!
  9. Local knowledge gives you the advantage of years of experience. We know Lombok and we will take
    you to the best sites on the island to fulfill all your goals.
  10. Green Rinjani trekking company provide well-trained and professional guides and porters, We provide Good Quality of the trekking Equipment and the truth it is newer every season, as well as Eco-friendly solutions that ensure we remain the only Rinjani trekking organizer that prioritizes the environment and sustainability in our operations.

why green rinjani

While everybody’s speaks about sustainable tourism without action, our company Green Rinjani has decided to set-up a strategy on own scale, to effectively action against this major issue.

The actions that we have done for Mount Rinjani are: provide guidance, counseling to the porters and guides and on every our trips, we always bring a sack to carry the trash down from the national park, and then we give extra money to the porter and guide for bring more trash, if they are not bring trash going down from the mountains they will not get his Full salary from our company that is our commitment with our team.

Joining us it means you’ve been helping us to make it heaven our program (RINJANI BE COME ZERO TRASH )

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