Torean Trek Route

Beautiful Torean Trekking Route.

New trekking route  is Torean trek route from Torean village 40 minutes from Senaru village West Lombok.  Torean trekking route really famous for trekkers who want to direct to The lake in the same days.

The trails flatter then Senaru or from Sembalun route, but the trekking route is more longer then another trekking route. Its take about 9 hours walking in total, from starting point to the lake camping area. The trail is nice and fantastic.

After earthquake 2018 this trekking route the most used route as it allows the (relatively) less strenuous trek to the lake.

Torean trek route

We will start at an elevation of 585 m in Torean village in early morning and make the 9-10 hour ascent to the LAKE before dark.

First part of the trek is through tropical rain forest. We will found Lutung or black monkey, swinging through the trees in the late morning. They are extremely shy, unlike for the common macaques which may gather near rest stops waiting for scraps.

The route passes through PINTU MASUK at 779 m, breaches the tree line at 821m ( POS I ) and then it is a bit of long up paths to the next ( POST 2 ) Birisan nangka At 1.078m and form this point to get in to the next stop we have passes the famous waterfall ( Penimbungan waterfall ) at 1,299m.

Torean trek route

Continue walking to the (post 3 ) 1,355 m and still walking up to get in to Pelawangan Torean ( babanan propok ) 1585m And after take water break at Propok we continue walking up and down hill to the lake camp 2.000m.

We offers three option trekking packages starting from Torean village end Senaru village or Sembalun village. All trekking option will show different view and atmosphere.

Click the package from Torean trek route here :

  • Rinjani trekking 3 days 2 nights starting Torean end Senaru village
  • Trekking to Summit Rinjani 3 days starting Torean end Sembalun
  • Summit Rinjani 4 days starting Sembalun end Torean

Torean trek route

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