Kuta Lombok tour

Kuta Lombok island – South West Lombok

Duration : 8 hours

Kuta Lombok island is one of the best white sandy beaches located in South West of Lombok.  We provide one day tour to explore Kuta Lombok and another beautiful beach.

Kuta Lombok island

After having breakfast at your hotel, at 9:00 am in the morning, firstly we visit Banyumulek village. Banyumulek village is one of the main pottery centers of Lombok, specializing in decorated pots and pots with fiber covering, as well as more traditional urns and flasks. After this we continue up to Sukarara, the weaving village center. Here is where the Lombok ikat cloth pattern is produced by dyeing the individual threads before weaving it and Songket is a silver and gold thread cloth-weaving.

Looms are set up outside workshops along the main street and sarongs hang in bright bands. Typically, there are attractive young women working out the front, in traditional black costumes. More women work inside, often wearing jeans and watching TV as they work, but most of material is actually made in home in surrounding villages. After this, then we are heading to Sade. Sade is one of traditional village at south of Lombok with traditional houses enclose an interior platform raised about a meter off the ground, and made a mixture of clay, dung and straw, that has been polished to high gloss.

The roof is thatch, and the walls are bamboo or palm leaf ribs. Sade also has many of the pile-supported, bonnet shaped rice barns – lumbumgs – which have the symbol of Lombok. About 150 families live in the village, all farmers in the nearby fields. After this, we depart for Kuta beach. The best known place on the south coast is Lombok’s Kuta ( often spelt Kute ), a magnificent stretch of white sand and turquoise sea with rugged hills rising around it. Then , take a respite to sample some food of luncheon at local restaurant here. After this, we are carrying on a bit further east to Tanjung Aan Bay as the last ditch-promenading of excursion spot of the day.

Tanjung Aan beach is similar of Kuta but the nuance is it is a tranquil brownish granular – white sandy beach with no hotel found here comparing than a bit crowded Kuta. The beach is stretch up with a raised small hill overlooking the glinting turquoise sea with rugged and craggy rock in the west and eastward. Finally, we are heading straight to our hotel and it is the end of our program.

Price USD45/person ( min 2 persons )


  1. Air conditioned car
  2. English speaking guide
  3. Mineral water
  4. Entrance fee
  5. Local guide
  6. Parking fee
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