Lombok Cultural Trips

• Smile and greet people, especially elders.
• Shake hands, gently.
• Accept hospitality and food. You do not have to eat and drink, but it is polite to ACCEPT.
• Say goodbye and thank you when you leave.
• Dress modestly. Women should keep upper arms and thighs covered.
• Bend down and walk around seated people when you need to pass.
• Use only your right hand to eat and to hand objects or money to someone.
• Be sure to sit at the same level as other people.
• Wear a sarong when entering the house of Melokaq (Adat leader) and when participating in ritual and adat ceremonies.

• Enter houses, building or village without being invited.
• Wear shoes inside a house.
• Point at people with your finger. Don’t ever use your foot to point at objects or people.
• Point the bottom of your feet directly at people whilst sitting on the floor.
• Touch anyone’s head.
• Step over people or food on the floor.
• Eat with your left hand, or use your left hand to give or accept objects or money.
• Raise your voice, especially in anger.

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