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Trekking mount Rinjani with Green Rinjani

Green Rinjani organize a trekking trip, plant a tree on Mount Rinjani, a part of our Eco-Friendly solutions for improving tomorrow’s environment.

Don’t wait, plant a tree today!
Plant a tree for the future!

Trekking mount Rinjani

Welcome to Green Rinjani Trekking!

We are a locally owned and operated, independent adventure company in Lombok, Indonesia. We organize trekking expeditions to Mount Rinjani, where our clients can plant their own trees to aid Indonesia’s reforestation effort.

We provide well-trained and professional guides and porters, good quality trekking equipment, as well as Eco-friendly solutions that ensure we remain the only Rinjani trekking organizer that prioritizes the environment and sustainability in our operations.

Reforestation is hugely important as it helps combat climate change, decreases the risk of bushfires, improves the quality and retention of soil which, in the long term, can have lasting benefits for agriculture. In fact, we could write a whole book on the benefits of planting trees!

So come and join us on Mount Rinjani for some adventure trekking to the summit, to swim in hot springs, to help save the environment, and most importantly, to have some fun!

It’s not just about YOU. It’s about the next generations too!

Plant a tree on your trekking Mount Rinjani

While trekkers become more and more concerned with environmental issues, we have decided to offer you an  co-friendly trek to bring a positive impact on our beautiful volcano. The objective is not only to reach the summit, but also to offset the carbon emissions due to your plane travel and to leave a positive impact on the mountain by planting a tree at the beginning of the trek. According to Lonely Planet, each year about 60,000 international trekkers tackle Rinjani’s slopes. If all those trekkers took a few minutes to plant a tree on the way to the caldera, within a few decades, this could make a huge difference.

Why should you plant a tree on Rinjani?
Tropical forests are home to most of the world’s biological diversity. It is important to maintain this huge biological reservoir. Moreover, a significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation and forest
degradation. Reducing the deforestation rate is crucial to slow down global warming. Deforestation is a big issue in Indonesia, and Lombok is also being affected by the reduction in forest cover.

Land conversions of forest to agriculture along with population growth and city expansions have considerably reduced the forest areas. Water springs respond to these changes, and as the demand for water increases, and the forested areas decrease, evidence shows that many springs have disappeared, leading to a situation of water scarcity, despite the tropical location and subsequent heavy rainfalls.

What will you have to do?
Just join us our program to climb Mount Rinjani!, Let our excellent and friendly guides and porters take care of you on Indonesia’s second-highest volcano! And don’t worry, our guides trek Rinjani every day and will take good care of your trees after you have left Lombok. Thanks and see you soon!

GET CONNECTED WITH NATURE, Plant a tree for the future

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