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Beginner surfing class private

Do you want to try surfing before climbing?

Learning to surf Lombok with a private instructor is the best option for solo travelers, or who want to learn how to surf more personally.  Learning with a private instructor also will make the progress faster for absolute beginners.

If surfing is on your travel list, we recommend you stay a couple of days in Senggigi for surfing and make sure you have lots of time to take a rest to recover your stamina after surf.

If you stay in Senggigi and want to try fun surfing only, don’t worry we will help you. Send us a message on WhatsApp for a speedy reply at +6281246401009 ( Wayan )

learning to surf lombok
Intro basic skill for the beginner surfer

During this lesson you will learn:

  • The different designs and functions of the surfboard
  • Basic board skills:
    • How to position your body while paddling and how to paddle efficiently
    • Where to position yourself in the waves so you can catch the waves
    • In what way you have to take off
    • What is the best body positioning while riding the waves
  • How to get into a basic wave and ride the wave
  • To observe and analyze the surfing area and evaluate the safest place to enter and exit the area
  • Safety measures and surfing etiquette
learning to surf lombok
Learn how to balance in a green wave

The surfing plan for 2,5 hours

  1. Prepare for surfing, our team will have the latest wave conditions and find you a good spot
  2. Drive to the surfing spot about 5-10 minutes
  3. Surfing session for 2.5 hours
    • Intro (theory) basic theory of surfing for 10 minutes
    • Beach practical (20 minutes)
    • Go surfing – 50 minutes
    • Break for a drink – 10 minutes
    • Back for another surf (session 2) 50 minutes

Price USD 45/ person 2,5 hours

Price inclusive:

  • Experienced and qualified surf instructors
  • A maximum of 2 students per surf instructor
  • Beginner Surf Lessons
  • Board rental
  • Entrance fees
  • All surfing equipment (wet suit, special surf shoes, leashes, etc.)
  • Private car transfers
  • Mineral water

If you want to learn how to surf seriously, highly recommend joining 2 weeks to 4 weeks of surf packages.

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