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Tree Adoption


GREEN RINJANI TREKKING aims to spread the idea of environmentally responsible tourism while educating people about the importance of taking care of one’s environment. To get there, we aim to start by planting and taking care of thousands of trees – in particular, right here in Indonesia!

There are a number of practical problems that most of us face when thinking about conservation. The following objections in particular often come to mind:

  • I want to plant a tree, but who will guide me?
  • I want to plant a tree, but don’t have my own land to plant on.
  • I want to plant trees, but I don’t have any time.
  • Planting is done by so many people, but nobody takes care of the trees later on.
  • I’m not that fascinated by nature, and I don’t like social work.
  • I have too many other things to do, and just can’t make the time to plant trees.

These are all valid concerns, and Green Rinjani is here to help you get involved in a way that’s both fun and educational. How will we do it?

  • By giving you all the information and guidance needed to plant a tree.
  • By providing you with land to plant a tree on.
  • By saving your time, and helping you plant trees quickly and efficiently.
  • By appointing caretakers on site to tend to the trees after you leave.
  • By ensuring that the plants are healthy and grow long after your trip is over.

Green Rinjani Trekking Organization is planning to plant a variety of plants at various locations around Lombok. To ensure the survival of plants, we will only be planting in areas that have already had a positive prior survey of climatic and geographic conditions of the land. Our aim is not just to plant trees, but also to take care of them for many years to come, while at the same time creating employment at both the local and tribal levels. This will get our local communities involved in conservation, which will bode well for our environment in the months and years to come.


  • Start by adopting a plant, at just Rs.1 per day.
  • Make a pledge to dedicate at least one day per year to plant conservation (if you can spare the time).
  • Spread the word about this nature conservation effort to your own network, so that we can improve our environment together.


We started this initiative to create a green awareness and conserve nature, and are looking forward to building a brighter future for our environment together with you.

GET CONNECTED WITH NATURE, and plant a tree for a brighter future !

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