Sustainability has always been at the heart of everything we do. We want everyone to trek in a way where they not only leave no trace, but they leave mountains better than they found them. This is the mission of our Green Trails initiative.

The most visible impact of the Green Trails initiative has been the removal of over 1-2 sack each porter of litter from trekking trails. Everyday, even as you read this, our team, including our trekkers, are cleaning up trails we used sack bags. While picking up litter is easy, they further do the most difficult work — they segregate the waste for the right way of disposal.

But Green Trails goes much beyond cleaning up of trails. GREENRINJANI works with sustainability at its core, whether it is in how we source our equipment, what we cook, how we buy provisions, or how we manage human waste at high altitudes

Had an incredible trek with green rinjani. The hotel we stayed at the night before served delicious food, was clean and had the most incredible view. We were well taken care of from the beginning to end. Basri and our two porters were amazinggg preparing us delicious meals, coffee and tea everyday. Basri was so encouraging and patient. We did the 3days 2 night trek and decided to summit on the first day without regret. The second night stay was beautiful on the crater and our guides had found us a nice quiet spot so we could rest well. They were committed to packing up all the garbage. Our tents were comfy and they even lugged up chairs and tables for us! (We definitely would have declined this had we known to save the porters weight — wow they’re strong!!) Would 100% recommend. Some of the other people we were walking with had complained about not being fed enough, that was never an issue for us!
Rachel B
Rachel B
I booked a 2D1N Komodo trip with this agency. The relay in Labuan Bajo is an amazing tour agency ! If your searching for a komodo trip your at the good place !
Theo Oliver
Theo Oliver
We booked the Summit Rinjani 2D/1N Deluxe Tour and can absolutely recommend it! Our guide Jheff was just perfect and took great care of us, explained the schedule in detail and gave us background information. Our two porters were also great, what they do is amazing! The prices of Green Rinjani are slightly higher than other companies, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it. The equipment like tent, mattress and camping chairs were in great condition and compared to other companies it seemed better quality. The food was also of a higher quality and the portions were very large. On the way, everyone of us planted a tree and the team makes sure that no rubbish is left behind. On the way down, on the initiative of our guide Jheff, we collected rubbish together, which he then carried. We strongly recommend that you bring thick clothing, hiking or trekking shoes, a headlight, hiking sticks and gloves. Headlight, hiking sticks and gloves can be borrowed from Green Rinjani. For the hike, you should have a good level of fitness and not be afraid of heights. However, this should be clear if you want to climb such a high mountain. But due to the private guide, it is always possible to walk at your own pace. We would book this tour with Green Rinjani again!
Nico S
Nico S
I would 100% recommend Green Rinjani! Got back from our 3D/2N trip yesterday and it was tough but rewarding. The main reason we picked Green Rinjani was that we wanted to be certain that all the rubbish (packaging from food etc) we generated would be carried off the mountain (after hearing horror stories that some companies just leave food wrappers etc on the mountain!). Our guide and porters even picked up and carried off a huge bag of litter dropped by other people, and they said that it is the company's policy to do this every time. The amount of litter along the trails and at campites in Rinjani is really sad, so it's great that Green Rinjani is trying to make a difference. Don't risk booking with a company you find in the street and can haggle a cheap price for (we know you can do this for lots of tours in Asia, we have done it ourselves for plenty of things, but for Rinjani it is important to pick a reliable company, not only for the environmental perspective but for your safety). Everything else was also brilliant- communication via WhatsApp before the trip answered all questions, pickup from the harbour was on time, briefing was really helpful and the accomodation before the trip was modern and clean, the meals throughout the trek were fantastic and huge, and the camping equipment was comfortable and clean. Our guide Basri and the two porters were amazing. Basri is trying to teach the other guides and porters he sees on the mountain (from other companies) how to preserve and improve the environment for future generations, which was good to see. He was always looking after us and checking we were ok, helped us on the difficult terrain, kept us well informed about the plan for the day, and he took some cool photos of us! We are experienced hikers and fairly fit but still found Rinjani tough, you are hiking at altitude with cold temperatures and big amounts of ascent/descent- for this reason we are glad we went with a reputable company that we felt safe with
Laura Negus
Laura Negus
Climbing Mount Rinjani with Green Rinjani was such a great experience. Our 2 guides, Andhy and Jheff, were very experienced and able to tailor the 3D2N according to how we were doing. So for 6 of us, we had 2 guides and 6 porters. The porters helped to carry our tents, food etc. The food during the 3N2N was great. Really thankful for the guides and porters for taking such good care of us, and for pushing us to do our best! The views were so great, and the climb was so tough (we greatly underestimated how difficult the climb would be haha)
Macey Soh
Macey Soh
Highly recommend going up Rinjani with these guys. Super professional, awesome guides and porters and the hotel stay the night before was great, clean and with private room. Shout out to our guides Adi ans Basuri!!
Joshua Worth
Joshua Worth
Great service, great hospitality & Environmental loving group - This company is for you 👍🏼 Very thankful to our guide John and his team of porters - Sebes, Zul and A
Eric Goh
Eric Goh

Trekking Mount Rinjani with Green Rinjani

Join our eco-friendly trekking program!

Trekking Mount Rinjani with Green Rinjani means you are part of our Eco-Friendly trekking program by planting a tree on Mount Rinjani.  We are organizing a trekking trip and planting a tree on Mount Rinjani.

Don’t wait, plant a tree today!
Plant a tree for the future!

Trekking mount Rinjani

Welcome to Green Rinjani Trekking!

We are a locally owned and operated, independent adventure company in Lombok, Indonesia. We organize trekking expeditions to Mount Rinjani, where our clients can plant their own trees to aid Indonesia’s reforestation effort.

Green Rinjani trekking company provides well-trained and professional guides and porters, good quality trekking equipment, as well as Eco-friendly solutions that ensure we remain the only Rinjani trekking organizer that prioritizes the environment and sustainability in our operations.

Reforestation is hugely important as it helps combat climate change, decreases the risk of bushfires, and improves the quality and retention of soil which, in the long term, can have lasting benefits for agriculture. In fact, we could write a whole book on the benefits of planting trees!

So come and join us on Mount Rinjani for some adventure trekking to the summit, swimming in hot springs, helping save the environment, and most importantly, to have some fun!

It’s not just about YOU. It’s about the next generations too!

Plant a tree on your trekking Mount Rinjani

While trekkers become more and more concerned with environmental issues, we have decided to offer you an eco-friendly trek to bring a positive impact on our beautiful volcano.

The objective is not only to reach the summit but also to offset the carbon emissions due to your plane travel and to leave a positive impact on the mountain by planting a tree at the beginning of the trek.

According to Lonely Planet, each year about 60,000 international trekkers tackle Rinjani’s slopes. If all those trekkers took a few minutes to plant a tree on the way to the caldera, within a few decades, this could make a huge difference.

Why should you plant a tree on Rinjani?

Tropical forests are home to most of the world’s biological diversity. It is important to maintain this huge biological reservoir. Moreover, a significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation and forest

Reducing the deforestation rate is crucial to slow down global warming. Deforestation is a big issue in Indonesia, and Lombok is also being affected by the reduction in forest cover.

Land conversions of forest to agriculture along with population growth and city expansions have considerably reduced the forest areas.

Water springs respond to these changes, and as the demand for water increases, and the forested areas decrease, evidence shows that many springs have disappeared, leading to a situation of water scarcity, despite the tropical location and subsequent heavy rainfalls.

What will you have to do?

Let’s join our program to climb Mount Rinjani!, Let our excellent and friendly guides and porters take care of you on Indonesia’s second-highest volcano! And don’t worry, our guides trek Rinjani every day and will take good care of your trees after you have left Lombok. Thanks and see you soon!

GET CONNECTED WITH NATURE, Plant a tree for the future

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