Green Rinjani Lombok, Trekking trip and planting a tree on mount Rinjani with eco friendly solution for tomorrow's environment
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Trekking Rinjani Information

Green Rinjani Lombok, trekking trip and planting a tree on   the mount Rinjani with eco friendly solutions for tomorrow's environment.


Plant a tree on your trek to Mount Rinjani
While trekkers become more and more concerned with environmental issues, we have decided to offer you an eco-friendly trek, in order to bring a positive impact on our beautiful volcano. The objective is not only to reach the summit, but also to offset the carbon emissions due to you plane travel and to leave a positive impact on the mountain by planting a tree at the beginning of the trek. Each year, more than 3000 international trekkers tackle Rinjani’s slopes. If all of them would take a few minutes to plant a tree on the way to the caldera, within a few decades, this could make a big difference.

Why should you plant a tree on Rinjani?
Tropical forests are home to most of the world’s biological diversity. It is important to maintain this huge biological reservoir. Moreover, a significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions comes from deforestation and forest degradation. Reducing the deforestation rate is crucial to slow down global warming.

Deforestation is a big issue in Indonesia, and Lombok is also being affected by the reduction in forest cover.
Land conversions of forest to agriculture along with population growth and cities expansions have considerably reduced the forest areas. Water springs respond to those changing and as more water is being demanded, and the forest areas decrease, evidence shows that many springs have disappeared, leading to a situation of water scarcity.

What will you have to do?
Just join us our program to climb Rinjani’s volcano. The itinerary is the same; the price of the trek remains unchanged; we just take some time between Senaru and base camp I to plant a tree. This area has suffered from deforestation over the past few decades, but the climate is very favorable to vegetation growth. Our guides go to Rinjani every day, and will keep looking after your trees along the year.


GET CONNECTED WITH NATURE, Plant a tree for the future



It's not just about YOU
It's about the
generations to come!

Don't wait . . !
Plant a Tree Today!

An easy eco friendly solution for our environment!

If everyone planted a tree...

Together, we'd make a BIG impact

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Green Rinjani

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