Guides and Porters

Most of the guides and porters come from Senaru Village, mainly because these people frequently make religious pilgrimages to Mount Rinjani, and therefore their knowledge of the area is second- to- none. More and more people are using guides and porters from both Senaru and Sembalun Villages, while employees recruited to work with Green Rinjani are trained in environmental protection and awareness.

Our trek team is fully operated by young, energetic people that are fanatical about keeping our environment intact, and we maintain that we can share our natural and cultural environments while leaving no impact on the eco-systems.

At times, it is necessary to trek, cook, camp and take mechanized transport to cover longer distances, yet even in doing these things, we can control our environmental footprint and learn new techniques to preserve our nature with care and attention.

Wherever possible we take the local modes of transport, pumping some much-needed money into an already fragile economy, and providing our clients with the opportunity to learn more about, and interact with the indigenous populations.